twenty on tuesday

ok, so i've lacked in the blogging consistency, i know. but LIFE happens. get over it. i will do my best to do better, etc etc etc.... so here goes it...

  1. once again, i feel like crap. was sick most of last night. oh well, story of my life. i better get over it.

  2. the sun is trying SOOO hard to come out. but i understand it might SNOW this weekend? hello, people.. it's effin APRIL!

  3. need to go back to bed.

  4. kennedy is rockin out the make-believe world. playing with her "guys", making them eat, making them kiss.. it's too cute.

  5. i cropped with one of my most favorite people this weekend.. the woman just rocks, and half the time, i don't even think she knows it. i always get a ton accomplished when she's around...

  6. my bedroom is CLEAN. like walls scrubbed, dust bunnies gone, kind of clean. all thanks to my sweet, sweet hubby.

  7. my office is a mess.. again.. this time with piles of bags of items that will make up, quite possibly, THEE best easter basket EVER for my girl...

  8. we are going to have brunch with the easter bunny saturday.. can't WAIT... and then a day at the zoo!

  9. coffee is good

  10. missing meds is bad.

  11. monday night tv sucks ass.

  12. is anyone reading this crap?

  13. i'm so not creative today

  14. why are you still reading?

  15. see number 3.

  16. see number 9.

  17. i miss my best friends.. joaney and allison

  18. today, i WILL get a TON accomplished

  19. maybe i need a shower

  20. oh hey... i won a RAK at "A Fancy Word for Simple!" YEAH me!

Happy Tuesday.. now go make it a GREAT day!

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