And Syracuse Retail Continues to Grow...

The latest addition to our retail venue that has me simply jumping for joy?

That's right - ladies - a Hobby Lobby. And how do I know this? Well the blueprints for the store are sitting in my kitchen table. My family's business has the steel contract on it and I am OVER the TOP excited about it!!! I saw the layout of the store - how much space is alloted for the scrappy goodness that will be within those walls.. i drooled. i gasped. i think i had a scrapgasm.
It will be going up FAST - which means good money for my husband - as they will be working round the clock to complete the job... AND - it will be right on Route 31, next to the new Lowes.
can't WAIT!


Colleen said...

Get out!!!!!!!!!!! First off, I had no idea you lived in this area - upstate can be anywhere. I live in Syracuse. Second of all, Hobby Lobby - seriously???? I am so excited. When? Do you know any more details? Please share if you do.

shelley said...

COLLEEN.. for some reason i can't email you back directly... Where did you find my blog? Do I know you and i'm just ignorant? what a small world! email me at shelleymay (at) att (dot) net

Gigi said...

Really?? Now I have another haunt to visit in Syracuse! TFS!

Gina said...

NO. Freaking. WAY!!!!!!!!!


and so glad for you that this will mean good things for dh, too.

Lori said...

yeah, I had read that I think in the paper just recently about Hobby Lobby coming to Syracuse. I was quite surprised to say the least.