lift her up

i am really working hard to turn this blog around and make it a place of inspiration and happy... so it's at this time - i'm asking for some spiritual inspiration and some prayers and a little happy thrown up north. a dear, sweet friend of mine - really - she's like a mother to me - just got some pretty crappy news about a pesky mole situation. she's going to be having surgery to have the rest of everything removed - as it turns out it's a melanoma. she is a strong woman. she is faithful. she is amazing. she is beautiful. she is genuine. she is thoughtful. she is caring. she is 100% totally and completely selfless. always doing for others. she is wise. she will beat this. she will not have to endure much more than remove and repair. because i said so. and i'm praying on it. i'm lifting her up. say a some prayers for her, would ya? that's all. much love to my blog readers. hug someone you love today. they might really need it more than you know.


Gigi said...

You got it! Prayers & good thoughts for your friend.

(I just had 2 moles removed last week so I'm playing the waiting game here.)

Gina said...

oh no! is it who I think you're talking about? many prayers said.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Kim (your "twin").....I haven't been to visit your blog in a while but I was just thinking about you a couple of weeks ago and how we never got together again since our dinner at the Copper Top....so I thought I would pop in to see what you have been up to. Your post isn't about the other martini drinker from that night, are you?? :o(

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