updates, goodness, and a TOOT oh my...

  • will write an entire blog post about the Extreme Makeover Home Edition volunteer gig - soon - promise. really. still circulating the thoughts. lots of goodness.

  • had a fabulous weekend complete with a trip to the zoo, the park, and a bonfire.. oh and Yuengling - plenty. of. yummy. Yuengling. I SOOOO needed some alcohol. goodness.

  • demo has begun on the downstairs-bedroom-what-used-to-be-my-husbands-man-cave-full-of-1970s-panelling-office. we are shuffling rooms - now that kennedy is getting bigger - her nursery is closing in on her. i'm moving my office downstairs to said man-cave - but it's being completely gutted first. panelling is down, and funky acoustic 12x12 unhip tile square ceiling shit is down. once that room is done to perfection - i move my office/studio down there. kennedy will be moved into my current office - once we repaint and replace flooring in here. Dad will then move is office up to K's current tiny dormer celing type attic room. poof. change is good. winter project begun before fall - good. pure goodness.

  • planning to cross off to-do list in completion each day this week. day one - check! goodness.

  • oh you wanted to read about the toot? i got an email from Vanessa over at Lotus Paperie http://www.lotuspaperie.blogspot.com/ (yes - i will never know how to type this so that i can just write lotus paperie and then you click in that word and poof! a link!) i digress... got an email from Vanessa this weekend. she digs me. yup. that's right! you guessed it! i'll be the Guest Designer for October. Check check check check it out! My pal Holly Hanks was the GD for August and it's just yummy. just. plain. yummy what she did with the prompts and challenges. i dig what vanessa is all about. and she's just dang sweet to boot! I will be posting sneaks at some point as October comes closer... and i LOVE that month - so expect some ghoulish, fall-y type goodies from me. goodness.

  • reconnecting with old friends. this just simply makes me happy. very reminiscent - but oh so happy. goodness.

  • oh and i can't post without a photo. see this? goodness.

K just being cute

i grew this all by myself from a bulb...still cannot believe it. there were about 12 blooms altogether and they were about 4 feet tall

huntin toads in the backyard. this shot is priceless


Gina said...

Way to go on GDT! That's so cool. :)

Melonie said...

Lots of good things goin' on! Love it! That pic of K is so super cute. Can't wait to see pics of the new office and peaks of the LP gig.
Oh and I believe the HUGE yard sale/ flea market is the first weekend of Oct. this year. Gotta check with Mom for sure since she books all of our rooms like 10 months in advance:) Sad I know. I just go with the flow when they tell me to go;) Hope you are having a super week.