Week In The Life... DO THIS

I hesitated when I first read Ali's challenge. I have to much on my plate. Too many work committments. Too many personal issues for which I am running out of tissues. And then I said - you know what? The tail end of this year is supposed to be about ME. about making ME a BETTER ME. so throwing caution to the wind - i'm down Ali.. i'm with you. and it's going to be a GOOD ride. because I will it to be so. Though I did not take any photos today. Per Ali - that's ok. and I agree with that too. So read this. It's the challenge. and do this with me?

Week In The Life. Day One.
  • i wake up to the sweetness of a small voice saying, "but i know it's still dark out, i want to watch morning time wake up." how can you wake in a bad mood, even though it's earlier than the chickens?
  • try to stay awake through a snuggle and Caillou at 5am on the sofa. it does not happen.
  • give in to the sandman. and snooze.
  • wake to 100 - yes - that's ONE HUNDRED teeny, tiny counting animals, lined up carefully on the living room floor. and a dog bomb. (polite for the dog who forgot he was inside and dropped one)
  • realizing none of this is not a good sign.
  • roll of the sofa, out from under the sleep inducing fleece blankie i love so much and make coffee.
  • feed child and take quickie shower.
  • drag myself to kitchen, cold from shower, for coffee.
  • to realize, i never ut grounds in the filter.
  • realizing. once again. this is NOT a good sign.
  • contemplate calling in sick since i am fighting bronchitis.
  • realize this is weak and i can manage juuust fine.
  • still contemplate. but can't. i'm too honest. and hardworking.
  • get the girl finally ready for school. no arguments on clothing, hair accoutrements, or shoes.
  • this *might* be a good sign.
  • drive to school. my fav part of the week.
  • we listen to *the heart song* my girl knows each and every word to this song. pure, sweet, goodness.
  • drop off at school
  • myheart melts - she's such a big girl and so into routine already
  • we talk about making good choices
  • we talk about including girls that look sad or are playing alone
  • we talk about being HAPPY to see momma when school is over and not crying like a monster that she doesn't want to go home with me!
  • we pinkie swear and kiss on it.
  • my heart soars.

WORK ramblings

  • i make coffee. again.
  • i make a to do list
  • i pray
  • i review to do list
  • pray again. only a miracle will get to do list complete
  • go back down for coffee
  • begin to do list
  • feel bullied. into a corner
  • shake it. chat online with a BFF/coworker
  • she helps put it all in perspective
  • i shake it some more
  • still feeling bullied.
  • therapy lessons i've learned kick in
  • i'm being productive
  • i answer several phone calls
  • multi-task. chat online internally, answer emails
  • i send some e-recs to some colleagues. they are worth a buck. it matters.
  • i pray some more.
  • i get a kick ass complimentary email from my division director.
  • makes me really happy.
  • i reach out to my former boss for some advice on aforementioned feeling bullied sensation. he said what i was feeling. i took his advice.
  • i've moved on
  • and the day is over.


  • boring. nothing to report. went by too quick
  • quick trip "as a family" to the grocery store.
  • popped in to the temp halloween store for ideas.
  • scared the girl.
  • quick trip out.
  • home.
  • realized said prayer REALLY is working. in strange and mysterious ways.
  • dinner.
  • early bed time.
  • quiet time for momma.
  • internet time to unwind the mind.
  • request to contribute to Page Maps for November shows up in my inbox. rooty toot toot! rock on - and GO ME!
  • time to figure out LO for my Guest Design Team Spot over at Lotus Paperie beginning this FRIDAY! (go me again!)

all in all? a not so shabby day. and if you've stuck with me this long... thank you. and leave a comment... with a way for me to reach you... just might be some sweet, simple, happy mail in it for ya.

much love and make it a great week. because i said so, damnit!


Gina said...

ROCK ON! I want to play (though my week is NUTS and I might forget). Altho, when is my week NOT nuts? I should play.

BTW, WAY TO GO on the PageMaps!!!!!!

Melonie said...

YAY You! You are on a scrappy roll. Hope work goes better today;) (((HUGS))) for the personal stuff and I will try to play along.

Gina said...

Hey sweet Shelley-
I hope you had a good day today. I'm playing along...started today. :)