ah... serendipity

As the saying has it, "fortune favours the prepared mind", just as discoveries today that are said to be serendipitous are so often the result of experience and good observation. so then, simple chance must mean i am a very cautious observer. always thinking ahead, planning, making the things of my past become my present and future. however, at most, we never know this to be the case. we rely on the kismet, fate, fortune of life to bring us joy. a surprise not searched for. delicious, serendipitous behavior. somewhat like finding that twenty dollar bill that has hibernated in your coat closet all year, when your gas tank is on empty and the bank account is low. we've all been there at one point or another.

may you take the spare moments of your days and open youself up for the serendipitous moments that are right outside your mind.

random thoughts today from a tired momma............

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