I found the motivational boost below, while searching for an inspiring and touching quote about an encounter i've recently had with an old, very dear friend of mine.. more on that in a while... but... wow. just. wow. how perfect are these words below about creativity. i HATE HATE HATE it when people say.. "oh, but i'm not creative... i don't have time.. " blah blah blah.. it's all empty words to me. it is true.. creativity can simply mean, seeing a connection to something, where a connection does not exist. i have been spending my days lately working on my creativity. seeing a new way of doing things. even in work, it's creativity that often helps me find ways to be more efficient. but it's in my passion, that creativity drives me.

so, you fellow scrappy folks (and other non-scrappy like folk), read below.. and just be. just. be. creative. it's just that easy.

"Be creative Creativity is not reserved just for those who engage in artistic pursuits. In every life, in every situation, there are opportunities to be creative. Being creative means acknowledging that there are many possibilities beyond the obvious. Being creative means having the courage to consider doing things in a way that's different than the way they've always been done. Creativity gives you the ability to solve multiple problems with a single course of action. Creativity transforms weakness into strength, and builds value where there was none before. Imagine the possibility of a connection between things that don't appear to be connected, and creativity will start to take hold. Look at life from a new perspective, and it will further nourish your creativity.
Creativity refuses to accept limits. And as such, with sufficient creativity you can move beyond any obstacle. There is always room for improvement, and there is always a place for beauty, for achievement, for fulfillment. Be creative, and you'll continue to add richness to life."
-- Ralph Marston

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Katrina said...

awesome quote! I hate when people play that "not creative" card, too.