gratitude. right now.

I love Ali Edwards. I mean that in a.. I stalk her blog daily, and rarely post.. because so much of what she says and does just needs to marinate within me.. and a TON of it really hits home. her blog entry today talked about being grumpy and just in that palce you can't shake. i'm there most of the time. unable to find my true happiness. unable to shake the funk. a know a great deal of it is related to my health.. and well, how unhealthy i am most of the time. a great deal of which i really have no control over. i've got virtually no immune system anymore thanks to that lovely ol' graves disease. so, i get sick. often and easily. it sucks. (and NO! to my friends who love me.. it's not because i don't wear a coat.) haha

so, i'm going to take these thoughts from ali below, let them marinate and push it off on to my tiny, minute reader base... think about gratitude. really. think. about. gratitude. i have tons. instantly that come to mind. things to be grateful for.

so, go hear.. check out ali's site... she just rocks... http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/

1. i can hear daddy giving the love of his life a tubby, right now. right below my office. pure bliss.
2. see above. my office is home. i am intensely grateful for that.
3. i have a man that loves me. unconditionally.
4. i am a mom. period. need i say more?
5. i have a good life. now.
6. the sun is shining. i live in upstate ny. again.. need i say more?

what are you grateful for? right now? this very moment?

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Ron said...

The "six things you are thanful for" list was very powerful and encouraging to read. I just put up my quote board again and am going to include the question: what are you grateful for? right now? this very moment? on the very top of it. It's something I want to ask myself everyday. Thanks for that.