very random things today...

so loving these little create your own card catalogue lists... i found through this blog http://www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/ which she found on this site http://www.blyberg.net/card-generator/ .. too cute!

  • i am having trouble keeping to my lists. when i was crashing with Grave's disease three years ago, I made lists, then lists to tell me where the list was, a list on how to most effictively follow the list.. and then a list of where to keep all the lists. yes, grave's caused me to lose my car in parking lots on MORE than one occassion. good times, i tell you.. good times.
  • autism scares me. i mean it really scares me. it is the unknown. i follow AE's blog daily, and am astounded by her perserverence on such an intense level. my daughter does not have autism. but Lord, what if? how can what you have just be stripped away from you in an instant? i am thinking so much about this right now due to the recent episode of extreme home makeover. 5 children. all biological. 4 children with autism. wow. i mean. wow. i sobbed for these people. for happiness and grief for what that mother must endure on a daily basis.
  • i need to get out more
  • i obsess over things i have NO control of
  • i need to get out more
  • i learned a valuable work/life lesson today. no one you work with is truly your friend. NO ONE! i thought i had a few good ones. they were like family to me. and in an instant, i learned. not so much. lesson learned. game on. that's all i can say to that.
  • i really think all of my hard work WILL pay off someday
  • i need to get out more
  • i wonder if my husband knows how much i really do love him?

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