I tell them YES!

today. phew. WOW. i am nervous. today i have an opportunity to sell myself. an opportunity to advance. the best part about it all? i wasn't even looking for it. nope. not in the least. i was content with work. content with my daily challenges. simple. content. so when i get a call and am told that it's best i update my resume, i'm shocked. never thought i was being noticed in my little world of work. but apparently, i was. and someone is interested. so, i go into this with an open mind. i have not set the expectation to win. i have set the expectation that yes, i can do this. and if i don't "win", it's nothing but more experience under my belt. i have fought my entire life to be noticed. to succeed. to advance. always through much adversity and political channels. always being told no. and so when i came across the quote on the side, it hit very close to home. because in all the times i HAVE been told no... i come back with a very resounding.. YES.

so today... what do you say yes to???

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