a bend in the road.

i have visions of a healthy life. when i close my eyes, and breath it in, i am thinner. my skin looks better. my eyes look rested. they sparkle again. my joints no longer hurt. my muscles no longer swell. it no longer hurts to stand up. my hair is fuller. and longer. my hair is wavy and kissed by the sun. i have new freckles across my nose. my clothing is more comfortable. i can feel the comfort of long, loose, flowy skirts. skirts i've fashioned with my own two hands using fabric in my stash. up cycled skirts. i can feel the simplicity of a plain tank top, simply embellished by my own hands. a handmade hair clip tying up loose strands in a mess bun. a new pair of sunglasses. flip flops. sandals. and the one thing that completes it all? a smile and sense of inner calm.

when i close my eyes, and think of bend. this is what i see. i can see it so clearly, i can almost feel it. like a tactile page in my art journal. i truly believe the life i've always imagined, the live i've always wanted, really is within reach. it's within reach simply for the taking. it is no secret now, we are relocating to bend, oregon in the summer. this is a decision two years in the making. this is a place i can feel myself putting down roots. this is where my daughter will grow up. this is where she will thrive. this is where she will grow. and the best part? it's where i will do the same things right beside her.

there are so many beautiful things about bend, that i can't imagine it not rubbing off on me. don't get me wrong, i'm the last person with a body image issue - i truly think i'm a beautiful person. bend will just make it stand out that much more.

i was recently diagnosed with fibro-myalgia. health is on the mind these days and ways to improve it. we've changed the kind of food that comes into the house. and we are conscious of portions and how we cook. i am back to taking my herbalife vitamins and using the shakes to help me lose weight. that is the key treatment to fibro. i know once the weight comes off, the bones and muscles will feel loads better. bend will not allow us to lead sedentary lifestyles. it's impossible there. i mean look at it....

my mother in law always tells me i have to make happen what i want to happen. i'm doing just that. care to follow the journey with me here? i'm heading down a slight bend in the road... and those skirts are looking fabulous.

stay tuned.

peace and be good.



Judy Bagwell said...

Wow, that place is beautiful!! So glad you are on the way to feeling better. Who knows, we may be seeing a picture of you rock climbing when you get there too.

Ashley said...

just Randomly found your blog.. you're an inspiration girl. love it. amazing.

Gina said...

Bend looks like a beautiful place. It's amazing how losing weight can make so many things better. I feel as though I'm always on a neverending course to lose weight. Hopefully you will succeed. Good luck Shelley!

Melonie said...

Love this post Shell...ya know except for the Fibro part. I hope Bend holds all that you've been hoping for and more:) You so deserve it! (((HUGS))) Mama.