go on girl. git your SHINE on...

so in a typical bloggers world, a sweet girl by the name of ashley sent me an email one day. she randomly found MY blog, complimented my writing and told me i was an inspiration... what the WHAT? ashley - you rock.

i then wandered over to her blog - holy cow! the girl is absolutely adorable. she's doing some pretty awesome things. and of course, i wanted needed to have one of her necklaces. not only did i buy one, nope, i bought two! and speedy mcspeederson... i got my order in under like 3 days i think? she's awesome.

now, in my sickly state, reading blogs makes me happy... i venture to her blog, and what? woah. stop.. it's give-a-way time on her blog! some over the top cute stuff too. go get you a look. i did. and i'm gonna win. (sticks out tongue) but take a look anyhow!

great, and now ashley has me hooked on MORE blogs... just.lovely.things. oh go get inspired, would ya?

peace and be good.



Ashley said...

shelley. YOU ARE A BABE! thank you so much for your sweet words girlfriend!!!!!!! :) MUCH LOVE!!!! xoxoxox

DAWN Braun said...

funny cause I just happened to stumble to your blog and LOVE your way with words, you've made me giggle a few times already! Would sooo love to have a cup of coffee with you, I'm sure it'd be a HOOT! :)