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well, most of you that follow my blog know - i'm on a quest for a healthier life. i am eating better, taking vitamins, and working like the dickens to get my never-ending health issues in order. in an effort to do so, i've been shopping more wisely. noticing that a full grocery cart, does not necessarily mean i have everything i need. i've noticed when i DO have everything i need, my cart is LESS full. oh but not so! visually, it is less full. nutrient wise? it's full to the brim.

i have learned that when i stay away from processed foods, and work to put in more whole foods to our bodies, the cart is visually less full. there are no boxes. no freezer bags. (unless it's a frozen fruit or vegetable) this hit me one evening at the checkout. i commented on this new found a-ha moment, and the cashier looked at me like i had three heads. after all, she was under 18, a size 2, and cute as a button, with gorgeous skin, hair, and an athletic build. she thought about it for a minute and said, "yeah, i grew up on these kinds of foods. my mom never allowed us to have cereal unless it had rolled oats or flax." i then took a turn, looked at her like SHE had three heads.. and then - i wanted to find her momma, pick her up, spin her around, worship her, and then have her teach me how to feed my family.

less really IS more. are you with me? ok you are, but are you listening? there is a belief that in order to eat healthy, it also costs more. this is not true. since i have stopped buying so much convenient and processed crap, my bill is about $60 less a week. this is $60 less weekly for over a month now! we are eating better as a family and trying new things. do you KNOW what those processed foods can do to you? i'm not going to tell you, you can google it. and then be grossed out.

so in an effort to keep this up, i am frequenting my local health food store, Green Planet Grocery. this place ROCKS. as much as they can, they stock the shelves with food from local sources. local as in right here in syracuse! umm, hello? how cool is that? not to mention, the people that work there? awesome! so healthy! i don't get "the look" when i walk in. you know, like the one i get when i walk into victoria's secret. the "umm, yeah, heffer? we don't SERVE your size in here!" look. yeah. not at all! i walk into Green Planet, i get the "damn. check out this cool chick! she brought her cute recyclable bags AND she wants to get her body healthy. way to go cute chick!" look. love them. everyone i've ever dealt with is knowledgeable, helpful, and eager to help you or offer you new choices. love this. the store is bright, airy, totally does not fit in syracuse... but it's just my kind of place.

so, not only is the service the schiznit, they offer up all these yummy, often vegan, organic snackems all over the store. whilst there a couple of weeks ago, i happen upon some samples at the register and then a super cute display of cookie mix. i'm thinkin, yeah, no chance a vegan cookie can taste good. nope. i ain't buyin it. (afterall - vegan i am not. healthy, i am) so i look at the bag, as i'm tempted because A) the packaging was super cute. (cute girl, remember?) and 2) it claimed to be unprocessed anything! score! i had to try them, right? well, of course. the non-judgemental cashier told me i did. she then told me if i substituted the butter for coconut oil - score! total vegan recipe! i had coconut oil - why not, eh? then i read on the packaging: "save bag to freeze left over cookies!" bonus - again - CUTE packaging!

i fell for it. i bought them. OHip girls... you friggin ROCK! Maria and Angela of Organically Hip are two friends who had an idea. and they went for it! not only am i inspired to stay healthy knowing i can nurture my sweet tooth, but heck - these chicks are ambitious. the funny part - i made the cookies...Cowgirl Cookie Mix...and yeah, didn't need the bag to freeze leftovers. my family ate them up. i told no one of my secret until after the cookies were all gone.

i was so excited, i emailed Maria and Angela to ask if I could blog about them - they said SURE! as long as you send us a link! (and they like my blog!) so i did, and girls, link is on it's way.

are you with me? are you following along? are you smelling what i'm steppin in? pickin up what i'm layin down? i'm on a mission. we are not only watching what we are putting in our bodies, we are watching WHERE we are putting our bodies. join me as i continue to write about our cross country adventure coming up this summer. we are in heavy, heavy planning mode in the may household for our cross country move to a healthier lifestyle all the way around. the moving truck is reserved, notice has been given at work for the hubs, and i've got vacation approved for two weeks and new work hours figured out. stick with me. it'll be an adventure. and i'll make sure to make fun of it while we do it.

peace and be good. and go forth and get you some OHip cookies & brownies, yo!


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