how do YOU get inspired...

when you just can't feel it? i need to be inspired. i will be inspired. if i say it so shall it be? right? HAH! i'm hoping i can shake what ails me as my scrappy chics want to get together friday night for some craftin and drinkin time! i'm all about both! so i'm trying my brain for some inspiration. i want to make something wonderful. just don't know what. what sort of steps do you take to find inspiration?

i start with my own stuff first... kinda like this:
  • i start with a list of stuff i want to make: layouts, altered, cards, fabric or paper, gifts or to keep
  • i then go looking through my old stuff: what is it that i loved about my favs? was it the product? the style? the technique?
  • shop my stash: what do i have that i'm dying to use? what am i out of consumable wise? what do i need/want/must have? (waiting for Cassie's PI order to get here! she's so RAD!)
then i go out to other people's stuff:
  • i blog hop and find inspiration >> just look at the blogs i have listed!!
  • i surf etsy
  • i look through friend's galleries on FB
  • i look at my fav manufacturers blogs and design team galleries
then, i make another list of what to pack! phew. so far i've just got a mental list and i've been looking at some of my fav work tonight and came across some oldies but goodies... hope this helps you find inspiration too... and i leave you with some eye candy - and heck, maybe some inspiration! (let me know if that worked!!!)

love this photo. circa last summer.

peace and be good. now go forth and make stuff. and post back here if i inspired you.



Mel said...

You always inspire me:) I LOVE that Lucky page...like serious LOVE!!! Hope you are starting to feel a little better. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

This is Painful! I am doing that visiting all the Paper Issues gals and I am feeling very un talented! You all just are way out of my league! Your things are gorgeous! Your scrap pages are just soooo cute! No wonder Cassie picked you up! I wish I had time to visit your blog everyday you are a great writer! Glad to be on PI with you! Sprinkle some magic in my direction! Just love your work!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Hello Miss Shelley! You fall on my 1 & 6 comment assignment (oops forget I said that)- YAAAAY! Absolutely LOVE that gorgeous "You" project- I am most certainly inspired.. to keep reading your blog as I have mojo no go as well right now. You are a great writer by the way- fun fun blog! :)

Gretchen said...

uh yeah, duh, very inspiring!! love your stuff!

Leah Crowe said...

Hi, I found you through paper issues... just love your projects, especially that uber gorgeous butterfly. ♥ I'm a new follower as well. :) Happy Monday!

mojodawn said...

Hi! It's your friendly not-so-neighborhood stalker :) Heehee

Look at you with the pink gorgeousness..color me jealous! So dang cute the little birdie in the first!

Toodles ;)

Kristy said...

All are so beautiful! Love the yellow ribbon and the big butterfly! Thanks for sharing over at Paper Issues!

Valerie said...

Your steps are very similar to mine - and I always feel such pressure to decide what I'm going to create before I head out to a crop.
I LOVE your shadow box - absolutely one of the cutest ones I've ever seen!