fewer vs. more

so in my drugged up, migrained, percocet induced haze the last several days, i've been surfing many blogs. ok - hundreds. alright! perhaps 1000's. i think the blog addiction goes hand in hand with the magazine addiction. little snippets. i don't have to read chapters to get a fix. just a lil' daily what's up, going on, teach me something new - yeah, and i'm happy. i get inspired. i want to create. i want to write more. i want to hone in on what makes me happy. i want more. i need more.

i've been a long time follow of many bloggers that have reached "celeb status" in the scrapbooking & crafting industry. i've then deleted many off my favs when they've become arrogant, pompous, and full of themselves, and just plain mean. there is an insidious underbelly to this crafting industry that reared it's ugly head to me this summer. i mean, really? it's paper and glue, women. get over yourselves.

there are many i've followed since they first started a blog and are now starting their own photography business. (you know who you are.) inspired. these kinds of bloggers keep me coming back for more. they move me. they make me want to be a better me. they inspire me to learn something new. they take chances. how can you not want more when witnessing that?

and then, in a quest to want more of me - a more stylish, a more creative, a more defined me - physically - i'm drawn to various style blogs. i'm not quite sure how to define these... you know the ones - cute outfits each day - on the cheap?  now let me not confuse you - i've no interest in DOING this myself, but it's inspired me to try a new top now and then. experiment with layers. express myself in my style. i used to love this. i allowed motherhood to take this from me. i'm slowly getting it back. some six years later.

all of this reading and inspiration left me wanting more. (that one little word rearing it's head at me again - hair raised - looking me right in the face) i want to write more, photograph more, make more, style more, lots more. and i tend to stop. and spin in circles. and stop. and get dizzy. and stop. because i don't know where to start. and then tonight, my most favorite blogger ever tweeted this blog - and it resonated so deeply, i had to write. more. she said after attending a blogging conference, she learned simply to:

Do Fewer Things.
Do Them Better.

those two simple phrases, once embraced, will allow me to do so. much. more.

i'm off to make my list of fewer things. so i can do them better. and get so much more out of me.

join me?

peace and be good.


Gina said...

with you, all the way. completely speaks to my heart right now, too. <3

KateB said...

I agree with you on all points and then some. I won't elaborate for fear of hurting folks' feelings :)

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS on your writing! Such truth, I share soooo many of the same thoughts you have written! WOnderful post. Should I try to do less and do them better? Gosh I wish I could, but there are just too many people to please...:(

shelley said...

thanks, ladies, for the comments. and kate - don't hold back. let it out. and miss haley.. it is OK to say no now and again! Peace ladies!

mojodawn said...

Wow. I like your new Zen approach. And I love reading your blog. Each paragraph holds truths that I too am battling with, trying to stronghold into submission, if you will. It seems I am ramming my head against these objects and they are not moving or changing..so maybe I have to alter my expectations???
Anyhow...looking forward to seeing how you implement your new, streamlined ways. :)

mojodawn said...

Okay...Shelley, day one - make bed. WOW Girl! You are kickin ass at this "do less" stuff! Now, I bet you even put hospital corners on that bed and e'rythang! :)))))

Sasha said...

great post .. I am one that was a scrapbooker and now starting my photography business but this is because I was active duty for 16 years and NOW I can finally indulge in what I really am passionate about and have been sitting on for the past 9 of those years especially since photography was my first job in the Air Force until I became a computer programmer. I think some of us have many talents that MOST are not aware of ..

WillieburgScrapper said...
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WillieburgScrapper said...
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WillieburgScrapper said...

I removed my last comment because I didn't want to cuss- it makes me look bad. :) I agree with what you wrote even though I don't really know the particulars. I'm seeing how I am starting to perform for others instead of doing it for it's own sake so yes- it's just paper and glue MICHELLE. :)