cheap, scrappy, & upcycled?

so, in an effort today to be crafty - since i was finally feeling somewhat human - and in honor of my doing less = more... i took some scraps, some steals from target, and some time cozied up in bed, to BE crafty. less is more, right? i changed the bed and cleaned our room. i knew i didn't want to craft in the office, since it looks like a bomb has gone off in there. i pulled the following things together, having no idea what i was about to do:
  • random flowers gifted to me by my sweet friend, Cari Fennell
  • scraps of fabric
  • some beanies for kennedy, i found on sale at Target for 70 cents
  • some cute spring shoes i bought end of spring season last year for 3 bucks
  • a gigantic bottle of fabric tac (a staple in my world!)
  • some fiskars shears
  • a seam ripper
  • some needles
  • some thread
  • and random bucket of ephemera
the results? 4 new hats! UPCYCLING! and a new pair of shoes!!! woot woot! go me!

what did you make today??

peace and be good.



mojodawn said...

Uhhh..sooo flippin cute! That's it! I've had it...going out to make myself a daoughter! Back soon...

Lori said...

I didn't make a gosh darn thing, no mojo. But absolutely LOVE yours! Miss ya! Love ya!

Heather said...

how cute! you should make a facebook page and sell stuff u make...YOU ARE THAT GOOD!

Cari Fennell said...

All of your projects rock!!