check out this site. you can never do enough to help our school systems. i especially care to reach out to the arts program. being a theatre major myself - i knew it was always a struggle in school to get the funding we needed for our productions. i was fortunate and went to a HS with a brand new - state of the art - million dollar theatre built my freshman year. some students don't even have drama as an optionin school! can you believe that?

i found this cause on donorschoose.com and felt it tied to my love of the arts and scrapbooking. this teacher wants enough money to buy a digital camera and printer for her classroom. she wants to record the kids lives of learning! AND - she wants them to write about their photos and record memories! hello! she wants to TEACH THE JOY of scrap arts!!!

so - click on my thermometer at the sidebar - donate a little - donate a lot... just DO IT!

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Melonie said...

Shelley this is awesome. My extended family gave up exchanging gifts a few years back and instead we make a donation to a good cause and get together at my Nana's house on Christmas Eve to tell a little about where we donated time or $$. We all love it because most of us have everything we need and don't need another set of cheesy mugs plus it teaches the kids to give to those less fortunate. I'm going to check this site out. THANKS!