Week Two - Fancy Girls - HABITS!!!

So - you all know i've been following the inspiring, thought provoking challenges over at www.fancysimple.blogspot.com . Well - this week is about habits. As you know - it only takes 21 days to form one - GOOD or BAD. They've asked us to post a timeline... hopefully none of my colleagues read this.. hehehehe

7:00am - fall out of bed - run to home office - log on to work intranet - begin checking email, etc... take care of "housekeeping" items for work - create to-do list - TRY to get focused on the day. (this NEVER works anymore.)
7:30am - run downstairs - make coffee - feed dog - walk in circles a few times trying to figure out what to do next - decide what to make Kennedy for breakfast - riddle myself with guilt because i'm not feeding her 100% organic, unprocessed food... get over the guilt twice as fast - because she eats her damn fruits and vegetables like a motha! so there!!! a frozen waffle never killed anyone!!! walk in a few more circles.. wiping sleep from eyes, oh yes, go to the bathroom, walk in more circles, turn on TV
8:00am - the child can SLEEP. go upstairs - gently wake her - she's a BEAR just like me. make sure we get blanky, bunny, guys, farmers, clothes, more guys and go downstairs. often times i'm a sucker and if she asks i will let her "picnic" her breakfast and watch a show. she does not get TV at the sitter - so i don't mind letting her watch a little in the AM... only Sprout or Noggin - that's IT!
8:30am - TRY to get her dressed, comb hair, brush teeth - sometimes a fight - sometimes not. she has to be a diva though - so she's got to get CUTE!
9:00am - out the door - commute to the sitter
9:01am - home. sitter lives behind me.
9:02am - BIG cuppa coffee. commute to office
9:03am - office is upstairs in house. back into email. check voicemails...
9:30am - 4:00pm - this is where it gets chaotic - there is NO structure to my day. I might have 4-6 hours of conference calls in one day - some days none. I work tirelessly on my projects and client setups all day long - often times juggling 4 or 5 clients at a time. all the while i field instant messages from colleagues - either bitching at each other, venting, mentoring, chatting, gossiping...answering phone calls and more emails. i am of the mind set - handle the email immediately and file it away. so i'm checking it all day long. i tried the 9, 12, 3 formula for email - when you work from home - it just doesn't work - looks like you are not accountable... just doesn't work.
4:00pm - pick up the girl - play - watch a show - read books - do crafts - whatever she feels like doing - we do...
5:00pm - begin dinner
6:00pm - eat
7:00 pm - tubby
715pm - to bedtime - which is never the same anymore - we play, do more crafts, color, read stories, play princess/queen/king, sing, dance, watch a movie - whatever!

after K is in bed - i then soak up my time unproductively into this damn internet. i am a horrid insomniac - and often times am up until 1 or 2 in the morning... and then NEVER sleep an entire night through.

in writing this all out - i need help. I am barely making it from monday to tuesday. i melt down - frequently. i lose it. i cry. i simply get up and walk away from my office and wander around downstairs because for the LIFE of me - i cannot find my drive and focus i used to have. makes me wonder if it isn't time for a big life change. i've been with my job 5 years this February - and while i love it and wouldn't change it for the world... i am beginning to really lose my mind. not working in a traditional office environment has it's ups and downs - and i'm certainly in a downer state right now. i need to find a way to get out of this rut. it's like cabin fever 24/7...

so there - and then you will say to yourself - well no WONDER she's effin sick all the time! she doesn't take care of herself!!!

ok ladies - suggestions? tips on better managin my time? bring it!

and MELONIE - I am tagging YOU to play along with me at Fancy Simple - go on over there - join in - tell em Shelley sent ya!!! PWEEEEESE?

ciao bellas!


Anonymous said...

ok so somewhere in this madness needs to be a lunch break and walk outside......by yourself. I mean a walk to notice all the beauty in God's creations...leaves, squirrels, what ever and smell some fresh air!

Since youlove Star bucks and 30 minute run to their store, with computer if need be ...should be

And some where there should be shower where you treat yourself to some stress relief or some wake up shower gel that will invigorate you for the day.

There Mama B has spoken!

Holly said...

You know, I spent the last couple of years wishing, hoping, praying to be a SAHM. But, now that I am, I'm realizing that not going to work every day drives me a little batty. The only social interaction I have is with a 3 year old, and an 8 month old...especially now that hubby is deployed. And, when I first quit my job, I got LAZY. I mean, really lazy. And, I was pregnant with my son at the time. So, that was my excuse. But, now, I just have to find something to motivate me. I find that if I get outside a little each day, and just get some fresh air, it helps A LOT. And, I have terrible insomnia as well. I used to just lie in bed, and toss and turn. But, now I use that time to my advantage. I go to my craft room, and get some creative time to myself. It is most relaxing, and satisfying. And, I find that I usually sleep better after I accomplish something creative. Weird, huh?