"You Son of a B&tch!"

above blog title post left on my voicemail by a VERY elderly, hard of hearing woman, whom I called back to let her know she had the WRONG FRIGGIN NUMBER!!! I called the number back and told her she had the wrong number and the next time she dialed a wrong number - it would be polite to NOT leave expletives on someone's BUSINESS voicemail! It was then I discovered she was elderly, she screamed at me to slow down - that she was hard of hearing - I then yelled slowly - "YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG NUMBER - MA'AM! I AM NOT BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD! HAVE A PLEASANT DAY!!!"

All I ask - Dear Lord - please do not allow me to be so rude in my senile, dark, bitter days of life when trying to contact the insurance company because they never pay enough to cover the cost of my medical expenses when I am living on a fixed income of $900 a month having worked full time since i was practically 16 years of age.. making my entire work career aproximately 75 years. Please Lord... there but before the Grace of God go I.

Happy Friday - you sons-a-b&tches! (tee hee - couldn't resist!)


Holly said...

LOL! Thanks for a good laugh! ;0) Hope you have a great weekend!

Melonie said...

LOL! You crack me up! One can only hope and pray right? Hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend.

Gigi said...

OMG! You crack me up! Mean old people are one of my pet peeves! I can't ever figure it out, they're either sweet & angelic or nasty as hell...there's no in between!

scrappermimi said...

Hee Hee...you have me laughing!

Gina said...


so, how was Grey's for you this week?

and how's life on your lane? I think about you a lot when I drive past Chestnut. Hope you're having a good week!

As The World Scraps said...

rofl! I love that prayer :)