...waking up late. it began when ron got laid off. it became a habit. in less than 21 days. i no longer had to get up and take care of kennedy and get her to a sitter on time. i could literally wake up less than 5 minutes before the time i thought i *should* be to work - run into my office less than 10 feet from my bedroom - and poof! i was at work! i have become lazy. unmotivated.

but you know what? i do one thing everyday - without fail. i think of it as my endless trips to the water cooler or coffee pot - if i did work in an office - i read blogs. i am addicted. it's sickening. i'm making friends by blogging. it's worse than my very first night of owning a computer and i discovered chat rooms. i went to work the following day - hung over. without the alcohol. hung over because i chatted away in singles chat rooms until 4:oo in the morning. pitiful single existence i had for a short time in my life. pitiful.

now - i read blogs. i have non-tangible friends. some i am "open" with. some i stalk. but there is one - i won't miss on an everyday basis. and while it sounds like stalker status - it's really not. we email occassionally - on topics i find of interest on her blog - and truly she is a woman i would be honored to call my friend if we really lived closer. and we'd do lunch - and coffee. www.aliedwards.typepad.com she just plain rocks. she lifts me up - she makes me think. she makes me want to be a better friend, wife, mother, artist. she probably thinks i'm a fruitcake. like some crazy groupie fan. but honestly - she's just good people. and i like to surround myself with good people.

so , while most of you head into work, (you know the routine. you get to work, settle in at your desk and then head to the coffee pot, lunch room - where ever people tend to conglomerate in the AM trying to find some steam to push them through the day) - i sit here, hair disheveled, still in my jammies, having just dropped K off at the sitter who lives behind me, checking my email, reading my blogs, making to do lists... trying to find my steam. and Ali's "cubicle" is always the first one i hit. it's coincidence that i have my favs organzied alphabetically and she shows up first - but it's a happy coincidence.

now if she'd only stop by my blog someday.... leave me a comment or two. i'd just totally dig that.

now tomorrow - i want to see how many times i can fit the word habitually into my sentences... hahahaha

MELONIE - I KNOW you are out there... you NEED to play along with the www.fancysimple.blogspot.com challenges!! COME ON!!! hehehe

happy almost weekending - chics!!!


Melonie said...

Ok you twisted my arm. Tonight somewhere between tucking the kids in and before the Office and Greys I will totally check them out. Great post today Girly! Then again you always have great posts which is why I stalk your blog daily! LOL!

Beth said...

You crack me up - and you're right, we have the same sense of humor and sarcastic attitudes! A little bit scary, but great, also... :)