Music makes me happy today

some musical inspiration for you today. this is one of my best friends all the way back from high school. i've bragged about him before. he truly rocks. truly. he is pure. he is a good man. (he's single ladies!) i have his CD in the car - and when kennedy hears it - she says "momma! ron is in there!!!" too cute!

i have been creating a bit lately. feels good. i love going to bed stained with ink. pure goodness. having the studio clean and organized helps. makes clean up a cinch and not a dread. makes finding things a breeze. again - pure goodness.

i am feeling the funk begin to lift just a little bit. i read an interesting article on despression last night in real simple magazine. i always knew depression affected you physically. i blame it for how i feel physically on most days. i am open about my depression. i have been fighting it since i was about 17. it's old hat. i just wish doctors would tackle it a little more seriously. a little more agressively. get to know their patients a little better - and know that we lie to them. "yeah - i know this feeling is only temporary..." it's a flat out lie. so - here's my plan - i'm going to tell my doctor this - that is when and if he ever decides to call me back.

so - no ranting - not today. today is going to be a good day. period. i wrote it and published it so it must be true, right? so i just look to my friend ron - for inspiration. he has fought much adversity in his life and he always manages to rise above it. in spite of it all.

peace my faithful blogger friends... i feel a give-away coming on.... just because i am in a good mood. and i've got too much crap... i am going to conjure up a contest... or challenge... check back later - but the first challenge? tell your friends... i need more traffic on this bloggity!

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Gigi said...

That's so cool, thanks for sharing the new music! I gotta tell you girl, while I was watching the video, your profile pic was staring back at me the whole time. You absolutely glow in that picture! Feel better friend!