HABIT questionaire...

ok - you know i HATE questionaires.. but here goes anyhow... again - playing along with my FS girls at www.fancysimple.blogspot.com

What's your morning routine? a constant mad rush to nowhere fast...
What's your bedtime routine? i wish i could sleep - i wish i could sleep - there is NO routine here
What's missing from your daily routine? a FRIGGIN ROUTINE IS MISSING!!!
What is a habit you're working hard to develop? do you see a trend here? A ROUTINE!!!
What is a habit you're working hard to break? lack of motivation
At your favorite restaurant, do you always order the same thing or do you try the special? i like to change it up a bit - but not often
What things do you buy at the grocery store every single time you go? it's almost always the same - salad bags, bananas, apples, carrots - EVERYTIME - soda & juice - EVERYTIME - and then of course milk, bread, waffles, 3 strip steaks...EVERYTIME
What would someone close to you say is your most annoying habit? my husband would say my constant glass is half empty philosphy... coworkers would say my glass is half full philosophy, my best friend would say my habitual purchases of paper crafting magazines and then wanting to talk about it with her!!! :)
Which outside forces have the biggest impact on your routines? the weather and my depression - i live in upstate NY - the two go hand in hand apparently
Describe the person you know who is most driven by habit. my sitter. she has herself, her daughter, and my daughter on such a schedule - it makes perfect sense why my daughter doesn't want to come home half the time!

MAN - this was tough. i'm going to bed. i WILL sleep. I WILL make a list and stick to it tomorrow - and my list WILL include me time. I'm mobile. maybe i will just pack up the laptop and go work at starbucks in the AM and Panera in the afternoon!


Melonie said...

Love your answers and love the idea of working at Starbucks. Yummy.

Katrina said...

see! you did it! good girl :)

Liz said...

Your answers have made me laugh, I see a lot of me in you, so much so i had to do a post based on your posts. Ahhh the crazy internets. . .