December Daily - Day 14

December 14 – Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

this is a good one. this last year, i have come to appreciate my sister in law, stacey. she is the oldest in my husband's family and by far the quirkiest. she is happy on the worst of days. she is smiling when her world turns to shit on a dime. she is strength. she is perseverance. she is whole. she is honest. she is self aware and comfortable in her own skin. she is an amazing momma who is raising some amazing young women. she finds good in each and every little thing.

and most of all, i've learned... she believes in me. she believes i can be more. she believes i can be better. most will say this shouldn't matter. and you are right. i don't care what people think of me. but everyone needs a little cheerleader now and then. everyone needs that one person who can smack you upside the head and ask you to take a look at your personal behavior and get it in check. everyone needs someone who can teach you and show you a better way. stacey is that person for me. she's the calm in the eye of a storm.

this year, she had an opportunity to work with autistic children. she scoffed the idea and was at first frustrated by it. i told my husband i felt it was a perfect fit for her. in fact i think i said, "it's what she's built for." and you know what? when i talked to her last week, she said she loves it. and she's grateful for the work. she's an example to me.

i don't think i show her gratitude at all. hopefully she'll read this post and see - it's true. it's from my heart. i thanked her over and over again for teaching us so much this summer on vacation. showing us what family REALLY looks like. teaching us it is ok to ask for help and guidance. she was hesitant, until we begged for it. i am thankful to her. to her girls. to her sweet husband. their love for me and my little family is what has carried me through the last several months of question, doubt, and decisions. i show my gratitude in ways she might not see. i brag about her and boast about how lucky i am to have a rockin sister in law who gets me and helps put me back together again. i will continue to show my gratitude for her by standing up and working towards my goals that she has helped me to outline. i will always listen to her when she tells me she believes in me. i will call her more. and tell her i love her. just becuase.

we love you auntie rocket-tips. <3

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