December Daily - Day 7

I lost my way. life happened. things get in the way. and i'm finding my way back to good. in the interim, i'm always true to my word. so i'm going to plug through these prompts, because along the way, i inspired my sweet friend miss lori. so this is for you, miss lori.

December 7 – Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)

i have discovered community mostly virtually this year. i thought for a brief moment, in the wake of a fire in the neighborhood - where a family lost everything, i'd discovered community. but even there, i found boastfulness, uncomfortable pride, egos, and a keeping-up-with-the Jone's if you will. i gave up. gave up trying to befriend my neighbors. gave up trying to be a part of this small community. for us, we are just taking up space in this neighborhood for now, on our way to something better. something great. all in due time.

virtually, i've discovered community. i've seen it for the greater good. my friend trish who i just met this year - rallied in an online community for a close personal friend of hers - her daughter molly was facing life threatening illness. trish is a SAHM with more on her plate than one person should handle, and she's out raising money and spreading the gospel to help save molly. and in the grand scheme of things? i think trish had a part in something pretty damn remarkable. all because she didn't give up. trish reminded me what friendship should feel like. what doing something nice for someone you barely know - without expecting anything in return - really should feel like. her small act of kindness towards me? allowed me to feel like a million bucks for a few days. i don't think she knows how wonderful that was for me at a time when i felt pretty crappy.

this is a tough one - because i want to be part of something more. something bigger. more community. more. listen to that word. i bet it's going to come up more on this blog.

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trish.chamberlain said...

Your words touched me! I would do it all again! I would be happy to send you jewelry anytime to feel like a million bucks and I will will continue to work and believe in Molly.