December Daily - Day 19

December 19 – Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011? (Author: Leonie Allan)

i know most might intend this to be more emotional and pschological... but for me this prompt immediately leads me to the pure physical healing.

i spent a better part of the first quarter of 2010 very ill. i had surgery end of 2009, that left me very ill for many months. finally, it was a decision to change physicians. i told my new doc, the old doc and i needed to break up. after many years in a relationship, we were no longer in love. no longer listening to one another and respecting one another. it was time to move on. so i broke up with Dr P and fell in love with Dr F. Dr F - in a matter of weeks, stripped out all my drugs, started from scratch, and got me on the path to good health. my sinus and asthma were finally under control by February. in almost one year, i've not had a sinus infection since. all because he listened to me.

in 2011, i want this new auto-immune problem to be diagnosed and fixed. i want more weight loss. i want to feel well. today, i feel like what i imagine an 80 year old woman feels like every day. bent, tired, in pain and sore all over. i don't think this is what your 30's should feel like. so i'm taking control, advocating for myself, and speaking up for a change. whether they tell me i have RA or FM...or some gastro bullshit disease, me and Dr F are gonna kick some ass.
again, say it with me, because i said so.

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