December Daily - Day 8

December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Author: Karen Walrond)

i am strong. i am kind-hearted. i am witty. i am extremely sarcastic. i am proud. i am human. i make mistakes. i strive to do better. i am funny. i work hard. i am too serious. most days. i am a chronic worrier. i am creative. i am an artist. (not in the paper form) i am a curvy woman. i have beautiful lips. my hair is too thin. my legs are too short. i am not afraid to cry. i yell. i get angry. i do not lie. i pride myself on integrity. i don't like my body right now. but i will again someday. i never feel like what i do is enough. but i know someday, i will be ok with that. i am working very hard to let go of perfection and embrace imperfection. i am ashamed of some of my behavior. i love to make my best friend laugh. and i'm good at it. i have a wonderful soul. if only people would take the time to feel it.

i could go on and on about how i am beautifully different. because aren't we all? one thing i've always known in life, is that i am different. i grew up in a generation when divorce was just becoming the in thing. i was a latch key kid. i was a child model. i was an actress. we lived in a swanky neighborhood. i was all of these things. and they were all different. i've never been one to berate myself or be hard on my looks or exterior beauty. i can honestly say, i do think i am beautiful, and i don't feel vain for an instant in saying so. yeah, i'm overweight right now. does that take away my beauty? nope. yup, i might not any longer be on the cutting edge of fashion - does it bother me? nope. i'm a mom. i don't have time for that shit. i can rock a pair of jeans, cute knit top and an awesome pea coat, and still feel like a rock star. because at the end of the day, my kid will often tell me.. "momma, you're beautiful. just the way you are." this lights me up.

i think i can manage to light people up with my wit, my good heart, and my selflessness. one of my biggest problems my husband tells me is that i worry too much. while yes, i do.. is it really such a bad thing? i often might worry about others. but that worry might cause me to stop for just a moment. on that right day. at that right time. and say a little prayer for someone who at just that moment, might need it. because someone else might have been too self-indulged to notice. i am a firm believer, it's the little things that matter and count. and if one small thing i do can make a big difference in someone else, my work here is done.

to me, i am beautifully different in too many ways to recount. i think we all are. what's your take?

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