December Daily - Day 6

so the day went like this. well - rewind to a brief moment the night before, at bedtime, the little one said, "momma, i'm cooooold." she who is never cold, momma knew it was time to call the doc monday morning. fast forward - monday morning.

wake up. more snow. by monday, it had snowed for three solid days. i called the doc. great, 1100am appointment. it's 900am. it will take me just that long to get ready, un-bury the car, and get out the door with enough time in the event the roads are still bad. the car. is. buried. and i do mean buried. see?

you can get the perspective looking at the windshield where i already started shoveling...

here's a view of the backyard. the snow is just inches from the bottom of the swings. this is NUTS!
 we get to the doc. swab the throat. the minute the swab hits the test strip, it turns pink. positively STREP. wonderful. we head to mc d's for shakes. because all girls with strep need a shake. go get prescription. at this point, she's becoming listless and pretty much out of it. we get home, she has a grand mal meltdown over lunch, i get her all setup on the sick couch. i head upstairs for something, come back, and she's passed out. she sweats through two sets of clothes today. poor peanut. i miss most of the day of work. work from the couch while she's snoring.

hubby comes home, heads to sub for someone on a bowling league. decides to try and see what it feels like to be a nascar driver huggin the wall on a turn trying to take first, and rides the guardrail in my car on 690 for a wee bit. going 30 mph. he's safe. the car is not too bad, and no one else was hurt. but nonetheless, other "noise" in our lives we just didn't need right now.

our december is not necessarily gettin off to the grandest of starts. but reverb10 asks:

December 6 – Make.

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?
(Author: Gretchen Rubin)

make. that was something i took part in this past weekend. making some STUFF. i attended a last minute crop with some dear friends on saturday and was pretty darn inspired and happy. i made a CHEZ inspired wreath...

not as gorgeous as my inspiration... but i'm trying!
 and a card - all my own...

all K&Co... a sweet lil card i'm quite pleased with. I just slapped some stuff down...
 (no - i do not have freakish girl crush on said chez, she just pretty much rocks, is all.)
i am a scrapper, so of course everything i made was with paper, umm what else? and i was lucky to have won a challenge at paper issues that hooked me up with more k&co than i can handle... but dang if i didn't handle it!!! i think i have about 4 sheets left! weather is awful, so i can't get a good pic of the sweet little banner i made... hopefully tomorrow... but the wreath and card... i think came out ok?
the last part of that question, what is something you'd like to make but you need to clear some time for it? i would like to make some fabric goodies. time is not normally an issue, but fear of screwing up with fabric keeps me from just diving in... well - that and not knowing my sewing machine well enough to just wing it. oh well, there's always next time, right?
what have YOU made lately? link it up here, tell me! i'd love to see what you've got goin on around the holidays!
peace and be good.


judean said...

rad Chez wreath, love what you did w/the K&Co! I haven't been making much paper stuff, tho I did find a few minutes today.

Hope your girl is feeling better soon!

Melonie said...

Poor Miss Kennedy. Hope today finds her feeling better:) Gorgeous projects Girl! Hope the rest of your week gets better.

WillieburgScrapper said...

LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the wreath!!!! Tie that hubby down- he needs to stay ALIVE :) Does he not want you to have peace of mind?? Men!!!

Judy Bagwell said...

So sorry the little one is sick. Strep is just yucky. (I had it last year.) There are a lot of things I would like to make, just can't find the time. Love your wreath!! Ok, the snow....wow! I am live in Alabama and I haven't seen a snow like that since I was a kid. I know it isn't convient when you are trying to get to the doc, but man it is awesome to someone who never sees it.

KateB said...

Poor you-rough week but sure to get better-and it's ok to have a crush on Chez; she truly is gifted and inspires those of us who know her in real life...I could never make one of m=her wreaths but you did a great job!

trish.chamberlain said...

LOVE the Chez wreath!

Hope the little one feels better soon! Stinks when they are sick!

Lori said...

Thanks for inspiring me on the daily posts! Love ya girl!

bonnie b said...

Love love love the wreath and the card! Saw the card finished in person and that barely does it justice. Saw the wreath being made but not the finishing touches. It is glorious Shelley! you are so clever!