december daily - day 4

day four in the advent calendar told kennedy that after work, she and i would make christmas cookies! i had no idea this simple little task would provide so much laughter and fun for the two of us! it was grand.

we baked, frosted, sprinkled and listened to christmas music all the while..

and just had a fabulous time. not to mention the cookies were fabulous!


and over at reverb10...check it:
December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

wow. this is a really tough one. i don't think i ever cultivated, really. i honestly feel like wonder presented it to me on a regular basis. a friend kicking cancer's ass, my daughter learning to read, a friend's twin, premature babies getting stronger every day and turning 1 year old. my best friend of 25 years marrying a man with four boys. 3 of them with special needs. this is wonder to see the love in that family.

the more and more i ponder this, i don' think you can really cultivate wonder. i think you need to leave yourself open for it and just see it in the everyday. it's all around you. the wonder in your child's eyes as they read their first book. the wonder she sees when she plays in the season's first fallen snow. it's all around you. all around me. all i'm doing to cultivate - is just seeing it.

it's that simple.

peace and be good.

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